Microscopy Science:

Last Approaches on Educational Programs and Applied Research

Miscroscopy Book Series #8 - Ebook

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A combined polarization-Kelvin probe force microscopy approach for investigation of low temperature diffusion processes
K. Neuhaus

Applications of particle tracking microscopy methods on biomaterials research
A. Papagiannopoulos

Classification of White Blood Cell Types from Microscope Images: Techniques and Challenges
Khamael Al-Dulaimi, Jasmine Banks, Vinod Chandran, Inmaculada Tomeo-Reyes and Kien Nguyen

Evaluated organization of mitochondria and antitumor effects of meclizine chloridrate associated with synthetic phosphoethanolamine in human negative triple breast cancer
M.G.L. Silva, D.C. Rabelo, A.C. Moraes and D.A. Maria

Evaluation of ultrastructural modified induced by phosphoethanolamine and liposomal formulation in human glioblastoma cells
A.C. Moraes, L.B. Knop, S.C. Afeche, N.F.T. Santos, A. Souza-Imberg, D.C. Rabelo, M.G. Laveli-Silva and D.A. Maria

Exosome investigation: the approach of electron microscopy
M.A. Di Bella

Fluorescence dyes and their usefulness in yeast cell research
Abhishek Sinha

Fluorescence microscopic analysis of mannose receptor expression and activity as a cell marker for tumor associated-macrophages
B. Arteta, A. Herrero, A. Benedicto, L. Gomez-Santos, D. Alonso-Alconada, E. Hilario and A. Alvarez

How glycosylation is involved in metastatic process shown by light microscopy
Laura Gomez-Santos, Beatriz Arteta, Aitor Benedicto, Daniel Alonso-Alconada, Tatsuro Irimura, Enrique Hilario and Antonia Alvarez

Inflammatory mediators and the emerging anti-inflammatory therapies in pediatric brain injury
D. Alonso-Alconada, A. Álvarez, L. Alonso-Alconada, L. del Arco, M.J. Canduela, A. Caballero and E. Hilario

Mechanical and microscopic characterization of Al-Zn-Sn ternary alloys and their microstructural modification by cold working
M.L. Mendoza López, J. Pérez Meneses and J.J. Pérez Bueno

Setting up a Super-Resolution Microscopy Facility
I. Coto Hernández, C. Knox, S. Mohan and N. Jowett

The role of cytokines in the progress of brain damage after neonatal hypoxia-ischemia
D. Alonso-Alconada, E. Hilario, B. Arteta, M.J. Canduela, A. Benedicto, L. Gómez-Santos and A. Álvarez

Transmission Electron Microscopy of Pediatric Small Round Blue Cell Tumors
Consolato Sergi

Uncovering antitumor T cell-mediated immune response through light microscopy
A. Benedicto, B. Arteta, L. Gomez-Santos, D. Alonso-Alconada, A. Alvarez and E. Hilario

Usage of microscopy techniques for the detection of biofilms among various microorganisms
M. Alper Ergin

Will you turn the light off for me?
R. Elsaesser, P. Holroyd and H. Wolff